Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Maddie and Emma!!

Look at these sweet girls! You would think they were sisters and not cousins! We had a great time at their birthday party Sat.. My Lexy absolutely adores both of them. That is all she has talked about since we left the party.

Russell and I can't believe they are turning 10yrs old. My how time flies. That just shows our age!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pool Time

Last week we went to Mrs. Jenny's house for a relaxing day at the pool. They have the best backyard! When the kids were tired of swimming, they moved on to the huge swing set. There was even good shade for Lilah.

We were surprised when Randy came home for lunch. I'm so upset I didn't get a picture of him holding Lilah for the first time. Watching him with my girls, you wouldn't guess he is a father of 2 boys. We love the King family!

My silly head!

Ellis taking a break.

We were so happy Brittany and Leah joined us for the day! Leah had a new toy and shared it with all the kids. Very sweet girl!

This was absolutely the funniest thing all day. Ellis and Lexy worked really hard at filling the wheelbarrow up with "moech". When it was really close to being full it tumbled over. I thought they were going to be upset but instead they both just cracked up over it. Too funny!

Easton enjoying the water.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had our first trip to Splash Dollywood! It was Sat. and the grand opening for the summer. Although the weather was absolutely perfect, the water was a little cold. I wish I could have gotten in with Lexy. I think she would have done better with Mommy. Thanks to Mary Katherine, she eventually went down the kids slide. Looking forward to more Splash trips this summer with our season passes!

Hanging at the wave pool!

Don't tell Papaw and Mamaw I had my 1wk old at a water park.

Katelynne taking her nap.

Russells first water park at the age of 29!

Adam having a little "ME" time!!

Russell and Lexy being lazy! She rode again in her own tube.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lilah's Birth

I know it has taken way too long to get these posted! I have to say, we have been busy. Russell had 2 weeks off with us, and we made the most of it!!

I had a fairly good delivery. The nurse said it might take 20 min. of pushing, but two hours later I was getting worried! Lilah finally came out face up. She had an awfully swollen forehead. As you can see in some of the pictures, I was pretty upset when I first saw Lilah. The doctor was right, though, it went away within a couple of hours. I was just blessed that I didn't end up having a c-section.

Our Lilah is doing great! We are all so much in love with her. What a blessing she has been. Lexy is not jealous of her at all. In fact, she is crazy over her. I can't tell you how many times we tell her, "Be easy with sissy."

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hippity Hop

Today was one busy day for my little Lexy. I promised her a picture with the Easter Bunny if she was good at my doctor visit, lunch with daddy, picking up my embroidery machine and contacts. Way too many errands in one day! We were the first ones in line when the bunny came back from lunch. As you can see, she was very pleased to be sitting in his lap.

We are looking forward to a fun weekend. We are meeting Vicky on Friday for lunch and an Easter treat. Then, Sat. and Sun. we have two Easter egg hunts with the family. Bring on the candy!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our First Visitors

Lexy had a huge surprise today! We had our first visitors from Knoxville. Mary Kathrine, Ellie and Katelynne made the trip first thing this morning. Not sure who was more excited. Unlike most mornings, I had no problem getting out of the bed and getting ready. We took the girls to Imagination Station. It is a really cute park with a little train you can walk on.

These aren't the best pictures. My little jokester thought it was funny to run from the camera today. Hopefully they are good enough that Ava and Olivia will look at them and beg to come and see us. :~) We miss all of you so much. When Lexy says her bed time prayers she prays for all of her Knoxville girlfriends. Very cute! She has even tried convincing me it is ok to name the baby Katelynn. When that didn't work she went for Ana Blair. Watch out Emery.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Missing our Friends

Look at these sweet girls! This was our last shopping day in Knoxville with the Conway girls. I am pretty sure Wasabi is going to miss our business.