Monday, September 8, 2008

The Swing Ride

Friday night Russell and I took Lexy to the park. Now that Fall is getting close, it has been cooler at night. She was in a swing that I think is for special needs children. (That is another story in it's self) Anyway, it is this big blue chair you can sit back and relax. I'm sure all you moms have seen em. Russsell gave her one BIG push and off she went. First thing she said is, "it's freezing up here". We both just smiled and said are you cold. And she said, "it's cold up here in the clouds." Pretty cool. She really thought she was so high up she was in the clouds. It is something new everyday with her. I absolutely love it! Big Mud Puddles & Sunny Yellow Dandelions!!!!!

Check it out...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Here are some pictures we had taken a couple of weeks ago. I am disappointed I let a year go by without professional pictures. Lexy did really good considering we waited an hour and a half past our appointment time. Beware of Olan Mills at Belk's on a Saturday!