Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week At Sea

A few weeks ago we set sea to the Bahamas with a two year old. She actually did really good! I do believe she enjoys vacationing as much as Russell and I do. She is still talking about the trip to this day!

This was when we first arrived in our stateroom. I am not sure which one of us was more tired!

This was taken inside the ship while we were docked in the Port of Miami.

We visited Atlantis on Paradise Island. This was one of the aquariums there.

Lexy loves Uncle Kenny going on vacation with us. He is a tremendous help!

We are in a taxi in the Bahamas. As my child is sitting in the taxi with no car seat, the driver informs us they have a lot of car wrecks there!

On a boat taking us to Norwegian's private beach for the day.

The water was very clear and the beach was so clean. Lexy loved it!

Lexy lying on a hammock while watching daddy and Uncle Kenny play beach volleyball.

This was the true highlight of Lexy's vacation. This was her getaway from us. We would let her go to the kids korner and play during show times at night, which gave all of us a break. Of course, I am crazy and would spy on her every 15 minutes.

At night when she left the kids korner, we would get a snack to take back to the room. She always had a surprise animal waiting on her.

The last night at the kids korner they colored t-shirts. Her teachers were mashed potatoes and coach. Her favorite was marbles. He was on a break at pick up time. :(

Plane ride home!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Let me just start this off by saying, I don't usually allow my child to have a pen on her own! We were over at our friend's house playing cards one night, and they have a little girl Lexy's age. It is so nice because the girls go upstairs to their playroom and play for hours. Of course, we always sneak up and check on them. Most of the time they are in separate corners doing their own thing. Super cute! Anyway, Lexy found a pen and pad that she brought down and showed us. I thought no biggie she is writing on the paper like a good girl. Next thing I know, she comes back to us with both arms out. Wow! We were surprised what our little angel had done. My first thought was what else did she write on. Luckily the couch and other little girl were ink free. Then Russell picked her up and went straight for the bathroom. Needless to say, the trip wasn't to wash the ink off of her arms!! After the anger and embarrassment wore off and we got home, something hit me. Now, if any of you watch Prison Break on TV, you will know the hot Michael Scofield has the same tattoo my daughter now has. OK, maybe not the exact same one but pretty close. It at least made me wonder if that is where the idea came from, and made it worth taking pictures! FYI, Johnson's baby soap took it right off. The next day I went to her bathroom and noticed the whole tub had ink all in it. Gotta love em!