Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Here is Lexy's first pet. Lexy and I stood in Wal-mart begging Russell for these 3 goldfish. As you can see, we got to bring them home. She really enjoyed feeding them. I have to admit Russell was right! The fish bowl stayed dirty and smelly.
As many of you know, Barney has always been one of Lexy's favorite things to watch. Almost 3years later she still loves him. Unfortunately he came to Knox. Zoo the weekend I had to work. Being the sweet daddy Russell is, he took her to see the show 2times. She had to stick around and watch again with Ellie. She talked about it for weeks. She didn't understand why Barney didn't hold her!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lexy is in love with Dollywood! She rode every ride she was allowed on. Going in to the day, I figured we would spend the morning there and head home around nap time. Instead, these girls shut the park down. At one point Russell and I sneaked away for some alone time. When we meet back up with dad and mom, Lexy was passed out in dad's lap. She is a Papaw's baby. Later that night we let the girls play with some sparklers. This was Cailey's first time with a sparkler in her hand!

Thanks for visiting us Stone family! Lexy and Blake were so cute together. This was taken when they first got to the house. They were both playing hard to get. By the end of the day Lexy didn't want him to leave.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We had a great Father's Day this year. We had several family members come in from Pennsylvania to Texas. We loved the company. Growing up we traveled with dad's job and never lived close to relatives. So, having them in town is always a huge blessing. Thanks to Uncle Kenny, we had a lot of toys to play on. He worked really hard at setting up a 50ft long slip and slide and a huge water slide! We didn't even find time to crank up the pop-corn and snow cone machine. Our day went by way too fast.

This is Lexy with her great, great Aunt Katherine.

Poor little Allie was not impressed with the water toys!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

As always, we have had a fun summer at the pool. These are some of Lexy's best buds! Ellie, in the front, is a neighbor and church friend. In the middle is Ava. She is a friend we meet at the Little Gym. Both families have made a special place in our hearts. As my friend Becky says, "Chattanooga is not that far away"!!!!
Does anyone know who's boat this is?

Lexy hasn't had fun at the pool if she hasn't had a snack. The second we get there she wants food.

Lexy and Ellie have seen each other almost everyday this summer. Sweet girls! They think they are related.