Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our First Visitors

Lexy had a huge surprise today! We had our first visitors from Knoxville. Mary Kathrine, Ellie and Katelynne made the trip first thing this morning. Not sure who was more excited. Unlike most mornings, I had no problem getting out of the bed and getting ready. We took the girls to Imagination Station. It is a really cute park with a little train you can walk on.

These aren't the best pictures. My little jokester thought it was funny to run from the camera today. Hopefully they are good enough that Ava and Olivia will look at them and beg to come and see us. :~) We miss all of you so much. When Lexy says her bed time prayers she prays for all of her Knoxville girlfriends. Very cute! She has even tried convincing me it is ok to name the baby Katelynn. When that didn't work she went for Ana Blair. Watch out Emery.

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