Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lilah's Birth

I know it has taken way too long to get these posted! I have to say, we have been busy. Russell had 2 weeks off with us, and we made the most of it!!

I had a fairly good delivery. The nurse said it might take 20 min. of pushing, but two hours later I was getting worried! Lilah finally came out face up. She had an awfully swollen forehead. As you can see in some of the pictures, I was pretty upset when I first saw Lilah. The doctor was right, though, it went away within a couple of hours. I was just blessed that I didn't end up having a c-section.

Our Lilah is doing great! We are all so much in love with her. What a blessing she has been. Lexy is not jealous of her at all. In fact, she is crazy over her. I can't tell you how many times we tell her, "Be easy with sissy."


The Claunch Family said...

So sweet! I definitely think Lilah has more "Templin" in her than Lexy did!
Glad we got to see you yesterday!

Jennifer said...

GREAT pictures! Thanks for sharing! Makes me want another! Good thing I'm fixed so I don't make unrational decisions!!!!

Stewart Family said...

oh wendy these are precious!! she is just beautiful! so good to see you guys today...see you soon :-)

Mrs. Kelly said...

Darcy was face up and blue when she was born... not fun!

Brown's Trio said...

OK, I have to know what Lex was saying to your belly in the pic-Lilah was out so I am guessing-NO MORE! Great pics-have you guys moved in your new house yet?